Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gathering with gd friends and shopping~!

tis week, i met 2 groups of frenz. 1 was my 2 sec sch gfs and e oth was my ex-collic.

on thurs, i went 2 J8 2 mit Jodie & Daphne. we decided to go Cafe Cartel 4 dinner. i was e 1st to rch so i took a seat somewhr 2 do my tuition stuff. b4 goin thr, i was workin at Pasir Ris. i nid 2 go thr once a mth. Daphne arrived nx. omg! she oso had short hair nw lol. wat a coincidence! she said she almost cant c mi lol. Jodie rched quite late so we went in without her. we chatted while we were eatin. Jodie told us more abt our ex-classmates as she had attended e class gatherin recently. i nv went cos i dun feel lk goin.  no motivation lol. Daphne is goin 2 China nx Mon le cos she gona work thr for 2 yrs. so gd! can b alone thr lol. den Jodie drove us hm.

A nice Hello Kitty hp accessory from Daphne~! She bought from Japan :>

On fri, i went out wif Xinling as i want 2 gif her a bdae treat. i tk mc tt dae cos i was lazy 2 go work lol. so we met at PS earlier than e tm we initially fixed. Xinling said my new hairstyle is beautiful and i look younger lol. we dined at Xinwang Cafe. heng we entered earli, cos it was a long queue outside when we were leavin. i gave her a hp accessory 4 her present too :) wonder whether she lk it anot. aft tt, she went 2 buy long wallet & handbag wif mi. i bought e 1st item at $9.90 oni cos i used my John Little $10 voucher which i won at e comp D&D - she's so sweet lol. she's oso v cute lol. y? cos she suggested we go 2 toilet 2 put my money in my new long wallet b4 goin 2 buy e bag lol. lastly, we ate some sushi b4 takin mrt bk.

My new long black wallet - Poccilini

My new beige Perllini handbag - $35.90

July is jus few days away!! u ppl hv ani plans? Boring July.... :(

Thursday, June 24, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 mania!

Although I’m a ger, I watch soccer matches. My bf said I oni see handsome guys la lol. I admitted that I admired Filippo Inzhagi and Beckham lol. I started 2 watch WC 8 yrs ago. I saw Brazil emerge as champion in 2002 and it was Germany’s turn in 2006. Tis yr, WC is held in South Africa. I guess that Argentina will win! With e unpredictable results of e matches so far, there is a chance that I’m rite lol.

So far, I had watched Algeria vs Slovenia and Argentina vs Korea Republic. It was oso my first time 2 place bet for soccer lol. I spent money 2 guess e score of e latter match. In e end, I lost but nvm cos I juz played 4 fun. I felt v excited while watchin. I even initially tot of goin 2 Mac 2 watch lol. As I dun subscribe cable tv, I watched it online in my laptop alone. Last time, I watched e Singapore Cup wif my mom b4. den I oso watched e Premier League b4. tts hw I noe Beckham lol. Nw, I tink Ronaldo Cristiano is sooo dashin lol. Recently, I saw him in e Giogio Armani pic ad. Although it was a black-and-white pic, his figure is awesome lol. No wonder sooooo mani women around e world like him lol. His gf is soooo lucky lol.

Who do u prefer 2 win WC tis yr? which team r u supporting? Do u support them cos of certain players that u fancy? Lol. I’ve a fren who supports Italy cos she likes Italians lol. My bf supports Brazil cos they r a gd team and won WC so mani tms b4. I hope I’ve e opportunity 2 watch Cristiano play cos I dun watch e 2.30am match as i nid 2 wake up earli 4 work 

Cristiano Ronaldo
Go go Argentina!!! Gd luck!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Northern Star Tuition Services

i've planned 2 start an online tuition platform and hire tutors and look 4 parents myself. i've named my 'company' as 'Northern Star Tuition Services' cos i stayed in e north :)

well. anyone is welcome 2 register and should commit an assignment for at least a month. registration is free of charge. u will nid 2 fill in a registration form n submit it bk 2 mi wif ur academic cert. i will inform u within a week upon successful registration.

For more details or enquiries, please feel free to leave a comment or chat message here with your email address or contact no. Alternatively, you can drop me an email at

i hope 2 get ur support as this is my 1st business and i will put in my efforts for it :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My life until middle of 2010~! Koh Yah Hwee's blog~!

June is here~! time flies~! half of e yr is gone~! any changes to ur life? had engaged or married? given birth? new job? for mi, i'm still in e same job, hv e same bf... recently, i attended my cousins' weddin. one at Fairmont Hotel and the other at Yishun Safra. its my 1st time being at both places for weddings. there r slight differences like e taste of food , e place where we were seated and e location of e lift lobby. service wise, both were average only as the waiters and waitresses lacked of smile and were not very polite. of cos i prefer e food at e hotel cos they were nicer and i could wear prettier clothes lol. there were even sashimi in e 1st dish ;p e groom and bride offered tea 2 my parents b4 we went hm from Yishun Safra.

my updates:
1) my 2 new Credit Cards - OCBC & UOB cos bf supped 4 mi ;p
2) cut short hair 2 wks ago~!
3) had a new tuition assignment
4) bought iPhone and new Plasma tv~!

UOB One Card - Sample

wat games did u guys play in Facebook? i alwiz play Sorority Life, a feminine game where u can fight with other players and socialize to gain influence level, see your sweetheart and vote for ur sisters etc. u can go 2 e official Sorority Life blog: 2 learn more if u're interested :) u can leave a comment here or a msg in my Chatbox on e right column of my blog if u wan 2 join my House in SL. i used 2 play Restaurant City, Spot The Difference, Bejeweled Blitz, Roller Coaster Kingdom, Farm Town and Barn Buddy veri often. but nw, i only concentrated on SL cos i use my spare tm 2 blog, upload pix in my Twitpic account or do oth things lor. den, i oso play Bejeweled Blitz in my iPhone nw. my frenz had invited mi 2 play oth games but i gt no tm 2 start leh... haiz..

Sorority Life - Facebook game and iPhone app

sianz, nw i cant read my fav celebrities' blogs in office le :( my comp had blocked it. i enjoy reading Koh Yah Hwee's blog cos i can noe more abt her. e webpage design is simple and she mentioned abt her collics smtms. i lk her posts which she wrote abt her sch life b4 she became an actress. i tink she's veri beautiful. hope she can go far in her actin career. i dun read Andie Chen, Eelyn Kok, Jeanette Aw and Dai Yang Tian's blog habitually cos i forgot abt Eelyn Kok's lol. den 4 e others, i tink they r too lengthy or there r not mani pix.

til nw, i've not registered 4 e Driving Basic Theory Test. mebe, i dun hv mch motivation haiz... i tot of buyin Canon Powershot A495 cos its cheap and gd. wat do u guys tink? nw, there r no more public hols until Aug le. Sianz :( nid work everydae.